Collected Stories Box Set

Collected Stories Box Set, by Isaac Bashevis Singer



First published ten years ago to mark the centennial of the birth of Isaac Bashevis Singer, one of ten American writers to be awarded the Nobel Prize and perhaps the most influential and beloved Jewish American author, Isaac Bashevis Singer: The Collected Stories is now reissued in a deluxe boxed set. Beginning with “Gimpel the Fool,” whose title story brought Singer to prominence in America when translated from Yiddish by Saul Bellow in 1953, and concluding with The Death of Methuselah, the collection published three years before his death in 1991, this three-volume edition brings together for the first time all the story collections Singer published in English in the versions he called his “second originals”—translations he supervised and collaborated on himself, revising as he worked. In addition, Collected Stories includes thirteen previously uncollected stories from the Ransom Center archives.

Here are nearly 200 stories in all—the full range of Singer’s vision encompassing Old World shtetl and New World exile. Born in Poland in 1904 into a family of rabbis, Singer was raised in the traditional culture that was to be annihilated during World War II, and his haunting stories testify to the richness of that vanished world. Singer’s Old World stories reveal a wild, mischievous, often disturbing supernaturalism evocative of both local storytelling traditions and dark undercurrents born of Singer’s own concerns and obsessions.